Treehouse Overdose

Today I went through some more of the Treehouse videos. A lot more. My brain is swimming with Treehouse at this point. I watched the videos on hashes, methods, loops, blocks, procs & lambdas, and modules. That’s a lot of videos! I think I learn better in more interactive methods, so it was a little difficult to stay focused, but at some point I realized I was drifting. So that’s it for videos for me, for now. I took and passed the tests for the last three sections (ruby core, ruby standard library, and testing), and I’ll go back to watch the videos later, once I’m feeling more refreshed and focused.

I’m going to go back to reading Chris Pine’s Learn to Program book since that seems to mesh well with my learning style. It will help reinforce and refresh the concepts I know, and help de-muddle my post-Treehouse brain. Some concepts, like blocks and yielding, I feel like I understand less after the Treehouse videos. So for tomorrow, on to de-muddling!–Nw

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