The Start of Project Week

This week at Flatiron we started working on our long-term projects. We’ve worked in groups at various points through the semester, but working in a fixed group for a longer, bigger project brings a different perspective with it. On top of that is the challenge of this being our first complete Rails app.

Working in a new group always has challenges as everyone adjusts to everyone else’s working styles and finds a way to effectively work together. It starts with a process of figuring out everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and how everyone can help each other to make the progress a success and learn the most.

I think our team is well-balanced. We’re a team of four, and of course not everyone will know everything all the time. But we talk through our decisions and the code we’re writing and if someone in the group doesn’t understand, those who do explain what’s going on and in teaching and explaining it reinforces the knowledge. It becomes mutually beneficial.

Working in a group also has its challenges. It can be tempting to look too far ahead and start pulling the entire group down a rabbit hole, but we work together to keep each other on track. I’m optimistic and excited about working through this project with my team. I think we balance out each other well and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish.

My awesome teammates are Keith, Jahmil, and Pooja. They’re blogging about their coding adventures too, check them out!

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