The Importance of Community

Tonight I went to the very wonderful Brooklyn JS meetup. Before coming to Flatiron School the language I was most comfortable with was Javascript. I really enjoy JS, and every time I go to an event like this I remember how much I love the Javascript community and how important community is. The talks were fantastic, and mingling with people afterwards was just as wonderful. When I first started learning, I found it intimidating to go to conferences and programming meetups because I was worried I didn’t know enough to be there. Over time I came out of my shell, and I eventually came to realize how silly that is. Everyone starts out somewhere, and most people who go to these meetups are nothing but encouraging. Once you start building your community, going to events like this is half to see what amazing things presenters have been up to, but another aspect just as valuable is to see the friends you have in that community and get to know them a little better. It makes me feel happy and fortunate to have met so many amazing people. It’s one of the most valuable things I’ve learned, and is something that I don’t think can be emphasized enough.

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