The End of Pre-Work

It’s been a busy two weeks, but today was the last day of the Flatiron School pre-work! (Okay, we have the weekend too, but today was the last campus day.) Monday classes start, and it’s full speed ahead. I’m very excited. Can’t wait to dive in!

Yesterday we had a furniture building party to prepare for the semester to start. Ikea couches everywhere!

Photo of Flatiron students building Ikea couches

This morning Ashley took photos of us all for the class site! Such a fun group. I’m glad I’ll get to know all these wonderful people better over the next few months.

Today I worked more on Rails, and started learning a little about data models. The Hartl tutorial is a bit dense and covers so many things, it’s a bit difficult to pull the most useful information out of it. Over the weekend I want to go over a little more rails and some database stuff. But I also want to relax a little before classes officially start. I want to make sure I go into them prepared and well-rested.

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