Ruby and Moving on to Rails

The end of last week got a bit hectic, between my birthday, Halloween, and my last day of work at NYU! I kept wanting to blog, but sleep is important, too.

So, what I’ve been doing since my last post:
Ruby Ruby Ruby! I went through a lot more Ruby. After all the Treehouse videos I moved on to Chris Pine’s Learn to Program book. My thought was to reinforce the basic skills and learn some new things along the way, which I definitely did! The learning methodology worked well for me. He uses examples to illustrate a point and teach concepts, and then at the end of each chapter he has coding challenges so you can practice what you have learned so far. The back of the book has possible solutions for the challenges, so that you can see other possible ways to code the same program. I found the book very helpful and a wonderful resource!

Yesterday I did the Flatiron School Ruby Assessment, which is a series of coding challenges to test basic proficiency in Ruby and give us students a baseline to see how we’re doing. It was really fun to work on it, and for the first time in the course we had something to collaborate on as a class. It’s refreshing to learn alongside other people who are at the same stage of learning. We’ve been learning from each other and helping explain concepts to each other.

Today I started going through Michael Hartls Rails Tutorial. It’s a bit dense and there’s a lot there, but I’m finding it very informative and useful. I got my Rails dev environment set up, and starting going through the tutorial! Today’s exercises included making a super basic Rails app and deploying to Heroku! I’m looking forward to getting into some of the more complex parts tomorrow.

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