More Ruby!

I’m still working through the Codecademy Ruby tutorial. I’m a little over halfway done.

I didn’t really get much done yesterday. Shortly after I got to campus, we did a group programming exercise, making a game of blackjack. It was fun to make something, and working with the group to make the game was pretty cool. We’re all at different places in the pre-work, and it seemed to me like we all have slightly different focuses on what we remember best, probably based on our previous experiences. It probably wasn’t the most efficient way to made a blackjack game, but I think it was a good collaborative exercise, and was the first time (out of my time on campus, anyway), that we really got to work together as a group. As soon as that ended, I had to run off since I had tickets to Radiolab Live. (Great show!)

Today I continued with Codecademy. In the “try to figure out what this code does” sections of the tutorial I realized that even when I don’t know the Ruby syntax, I’m recognizing what the code is meant to do much more easily than I used to. It’s a nice realization. A tipping point of sorts, I suppose.

I learned methods, which are basically functions by another name, and learned more about hashes. I also learned about symbols. They can be used as keys, to store values, but have a few important differences. Each symbol only exists once, and they are immutable. This makes them a lot faster than strings.

Over the weekend I really want to finish the Codecademy tutorial. There’s a lot left, but I think I’ll get through it as long as I don’t get really stuck on any chunks.

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