Let’s Git Started

Last night I started going through Git. Codeschool has a nice tutorial, Try Git, to get you started and used to the Git commands. Fortunately, I knew the basic commands (init, add, diff, status, commit, push, checkout), and so the tutorial was a solid review, as well as a good introduction to other features such as branches, resetting staged files, and wildcard searches. (Wildcard searches are a handy way to search for all files with a certain file extension, including in subdirectories! Just put *.txt, or whatever your search is for, in quotes so that Git reads it before the shell.) I think if I wasn’t familiar with Git already, the tutorial would have been a little overwhelming with all the commands that are thrown at you, but for my baseline knowledge I think it was a pretty good balance. I wrote down all the commands, including the ones that I already knew, to reinforce it and so that I have a handy reference sheet.

I really love Git as a tool and know that I don’t yet utilize it to anywhere near its full potential (and a bunch of parts of it are still a bit confusing). I started reading Pro Git by Scott Chacon, which is available for free. I’m only on the second chapter, Git Basics, but it’s really interesting and a good in-depth resource for the nuances of Git.

Today I started working on Ruby by going through the Codecademy Ruby Track. I had gone through the first quarter of it a while ago, but I started over from the beginning since I had forgotten a lot since then. My primary language before now was Javascript, so I keep finding the lack of parentheses and semi-colons odd. A few of the methods that I learned about were .captialize, .include, and .gsub! I also learned that you can chain methods together.

Tomorrow I’m going to continue with the Codecademy Ruby course.

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