Gaming Your Way through Learning Javascript

Want to brush up on your Javascript? There are some fun games out there where you need to program to win. Here are a few. Are there any others that you’d recommend?

Code Combat

Code Combat
Code Combat is an awesome little RPG-type game. You start out as a wizard, and you use Javascript functions to move your allies and cast spells. You get to slay the ogres, save your friends, and save the day, with Javascript! Each level build upon functions and techniques you’ve learned in previous levels. It’s completely open source (check out the Github repo) and they’re looking for people to contribute!

Fight Code

Fight Code
Fight Code challenges you to build a virtual battlebot. It has an easy-to-follow API to get you started building a simple Javascript robot. You can fork other robots robots, and try to improve them. Win battles by improving your code and climb to the top of the leaderboards! Invite your friends. Fight. Win. With Javascript!


Nodewar is another Javascript battle game that was shown off at the NYC Hack and Tell Meetup. It’s still in development, but you can join the alpha. It’s a combination of fighter jets and the old-school Asteroids arcade game. You play against various opponents, and each person has multiple spaceships. You program your spaceships to “infect” the ones belonging to the other teams and breaking them apart by crashing into them. You want to destroy all opposing spaceships while protecting your queen.

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2 Responses

  1. Catherine says:

    Best way to learn how to program! So creative!

  2. Christiana says:

    Your’s is the inetglilent approach to this issue.

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